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An angle bisector of a triangle divides the opposite side of the triangle into segments 6 cm and 5 cm long. A second side of the triangle is 6.9 cm long. Find the longest and shortest possible lengths of the third side of the triangle. Round answers to the nearest tenth of a centimeter.

41.4 cm, 8.3 cm
30 cm, 5.8 cm
41.4 cm, 4.3 cm
8.3 cm, 5.8 cm

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    i believe the answer to be D.

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    call the third side of the triangle x.

    The angle bisector theorem states that the angle bisector to a side divides the side into segments whose ratio equals the ratio of the other two sides.

    Since we don't know which other side is 6.9, either

    x/6.9 = 5/6
    x/6.9 = 6/5

    So, x is 5.8 or 8.3 -- answer D

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