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starting salary for a job is $30,000 with a guaranteed raise of $5,000 each year for the first 5 years. write an explicit formula to represent how much money you would earn each year. please somone help!

  • alg2/trig -

    The salary for any given year n is
    salary = 30000 + 5000n

  • alg2/trig -

    how much money would you earn in the fifth year? would you just plug in 5 into n to get your answer?

  • correction - alg2/trig -

    however, we have to look carefully what we mean by fifth year

    so for the duration of year 1 you would earn 30000
    for the duration of the 2nd year you would earn 35000
    for the duration of the 3rd year you would earn 40000
    for the duration of the 4th year you would earn 45000
    for the duration of the 5th year you would earn 50000

    notice 50000 = 30000 + 4(5000)

    so I will revise my formula to say
    salary = 30000 + 5000(n-1) , where n is the number of the year

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