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i am going a center of gravity problem, with the x=w1(x1)+w2x2..../ W1+W2..
and i keep getting the wrong answer can someone please tell me what i am doing wrong this is the problem:Four objects are situated along the y axis as follows: a 1.94 kg object is at +3.27 m, a 2.76 kg object is at +2.18 m, a 2.78 kg object is at the origin, and a 3.99 kg object is at -0.360 m. Where is the center of gravity of this system?

This is my equation: 1.94(3.27) + (2.76)(2.18) + (2.78)(0)+ (3.99)(-0.36)/ (1.94)+ 3.99+2.78+2.76

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