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Posted by Brayden on Tuesday, January 31, 2012 at 5:27pm.

1. Everyone hates frozen peanut butter sandwiches.
Answer: O

2. The secretary keeps the peanut butter sandwiches in a refrigerator in the faculty room.

3. Money was stolen three days in a row from students.
Answer: F

4. Diane is one of the bossiest girls in the 6th grade.
Cirlce:one of

5. Mrs.Hanson should not have checked through Jenifer's desk.
Cirlce:should not

6. Else is the new girl and some of the class makes fun of her because she is overweight.

7. Mrs.Hanson did not find the money in Richard's desk.

8. Mrs.Hanson is a very strict teacher.

9. Everyone thinks Elsie is a thief.

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