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Using the format of an experimental write-up*, describe (and illustrate) 2 of the following 3 important Behavioral/Learning experiments:

1) Seligman’s “Learned Helplessness” experiment

2) Skinner’s “Latent Learning” experiment

3) Bandura’s Observational Learning (Modeling) “Bobo Doll” experiment
b) Key terms: Independent Variable(s); Dependent Variable(s); Control Group/Control subjects; Experimental Group/Experimental subjects

In other words, differentiate the PROCEDURES and RESULTS for the Control vs. the Experimental groups and identify the key variables.

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    Whichever two you look up on Google, you need to understand the basic aspects of the classical experiment. Here is a review:

    An independent variable is the potential stimulus or cause, usually directly manipulated by the experimenter, so it could also be called a manipulative variable.

    A dependent variable is the response or measure of results.

    Extraneous variables — other than the independent variable — potentially can affect the dependent variable, so they must be controlled. If possible, you try to keep them constant between the experimental and control group.

    The experimental group receives the independent variable.

    The control group is similar to experimental, except it does not receive the independent variable. Extraneous variables are balanced between experimental and control groups.

    I hope this helps.

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