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what are 5 verb phases using a main verb and helping verb

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    Identifying Verb Phrases

    Underline the verb phrase in each sentence. Include main verbs and helping verbs.

    1. The colonists would build a home as quickly as possible.
    2. Wood from nearby forests was used for their homes.
    3. In later years, some houses were made of brick.
    4. Poor settlers could make their furniture from the many trees of the forest.
    5. Wealthy families could order fancy furniture from England.
    6. The colonists may have brought some tools and household items with them.
    7. They did eat some new foods, such as corn.
    8. Most colonists would wear rough, homemade clothing called homespun.
    9. Adults and children did like games and contests.
    10. Sometimes, they might fly a kite.
    11. Colonial children might have become good at familiar games such as marbles
    and hopscotch.
    12. You would have recognized some of their favorite playthings—jump ropes,
    dolls, and other toys.
    13. Many families would have been the proud owners of pet cats and dogs.
    14. Farm children might have owned a pet lamb or pony.
    15. Life in colonial times could be both difficult and fun

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