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A Ferris wheel with a diameter of 100
feet rotates at a constant rate of 4 revolutions per minute. Let the center of the Ferris
wheel be at the origin.

The height h (in feet) of a Ferris wheel car located at the point (x, y) is given by
h = 50 + y
where y is related to the angle è (in radians) by the equation
y = 50 sin è

(a) Write an equation of the height h in terms of time t (in minutes). (Hint: One revolution is 2ð radians. y = 50 sin è
revolution is 2 radians.)
(b) Sketch a graph of the equation you wrote in part (a).
(c) Use the verical line test to determine whether h is a function of t.
(d) What does your answer to part (c) mean in the context of the problem?

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