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Posted by Andrew on Monday, January 30, 2012 at 5:19pm.

Find the prepositional phrase in each sentence

1. There was a town that did without television.
Answer:without television

2. Most people in town stopped watching TV.
Answer:in the town

3. They did not watch television for a whole week.
Answer:for a whole week

4. During that week, their lives changed.
Answer:During that week

5. Some of the families started doing things together
Answer:of the families

6. Some families went to museums
Answer:to museums

7. Other families worked together around the house
Answer:around the house

8. People talked with one another more often
Answer:with one another

9. Families sat at the dinner table and talked
Answer:at the dinner table

10. Parents learned about school activities
Answer:about school

11. Children went into their rooms and did homework
Answer:into their rooms

12. After one week, the townspeople watched TV again
Answer:After one week

13. Almost everyone waited until the last day
Answer:until the last day

14. Today they look at the good television programs.
Answer:at the good television

15. However, they also do things away from the TV.
Answer:from the TV

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