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Posted by Andrew on Monday, January 30, 2012 at 4:51pm.

Which of the following would require finding the area?

A. Determining the number of sugar cubes in a box
B. Determining the amount of paper needed to cover a bulletin board
C. Determining the length of trim needed to go around the edge of a bulletin board
D. Determining the number of jelly beans in a jar


Every evening Candy walks around her neighborhood. The block she walks around is in the shape of a square.
How can Candy determinate how far she walks each evening?

F. P=4xs
G. A=sxs
H. V=sxsxs
J. A=lxw


Jayne had a trunk that is shaped like a rectangular prism. What formula can Jayne use to find the number of cubic feet in her trunk?

A. P=(2x1) + (2xw)
B. A=lxw
C. V=lxwxh
D. V=sxsxs


The carpenter building Bradley's new house allowed Bradly to help figure the amount of baseboard needed to go around the walls of the dining room. What did they need to know to determinate the amount of baseboard needed? The baseboard is a rectangular prism

F. Are
G. Perimeter
H. Volume
J. Circumference


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