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Business management class

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5. The trend toward two-family income has led to
A. policies allowing only one family member to work for a company.
B. flexible work schedules, pregnancy benefits, and elder-care programs.
C. businesses paying lower wages and hiring fewer workers.
D. fewer opportunities in the field of human resource management.

my answer is C

10. Calendula, Inc. sells its herbal teas at a lower price in foreign countries than those
charged to consumers in Calendula’s home nation. In global trade, this is known as
A. freeloading. C. brand infringement.
B. depreciation. D. dumping

my answer is A

12. When the government of Indonesia imposes a tax on imported electronics products to
help its young electronics industry compete in the global marketplace, it’s imposing
a/an _______ on foreign electronics products.
A. import quota C. embargo
B. protective tariff D. revenue tarif

my answer is B

  • Business management class - ,

    I disagree with your first two answers.

    # 12 is correct.

  • Business management class - ,

    5. would have to be D because A and B doesnt fit.. is that correct

    10. D dumping .. i remember reading it but just cant seems to remember if its D or B but i think it was dumping

  • Business management class - ,

    Why don't A or B fit for 5?

    Yes, 10 is D.

  • Business management class - ,

    on 5 i read it wrong i guess somehow.. but A fits.. lol

  • Business management class - ,

    A is not right!

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