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Physical Science

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Three balls (see below) are dropped simultaneously from the 40th floor of a tall building into the air below. A) In what order will they hit the ground, or will they arrive at the same time? B) Provide an explanation for your answer above.

Ball A (softball size; wt= 50 g)
Ball B (golfball size; wt= 100 g)
Ball C (softball size; wt= 100 g)

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    B will arrive before C because it has less air resistance, and the same weight as C.

    A will arrive after C because it less weight but the same aerodynamnic resistance as C, assuming equal velocity.

    Thus the order of hitting ground will be B, C, A.

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    Thank you sooo much! I was getting so mad at trying to figure out this answer, your are a life saver!

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