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1. Solve these systems of equations
a. 3x + 6y + 3z= 3
2x - y + 4z= 14
x + 10y + 8z= -8

b. x + y + 3z= 10
x + 2y + 3z= 4
x + 4y + 3z= -6

2. Solve these systems of equations word problems.

a. A movie theater sold 450 tickets to a movie. Adult tickets cost $8 and children's tickets cost $6. If the theater took in a total of $3,250 from ticket sales, how many of the tickets were adult tickets and how many were children's tickets?

b. Bond A pays interest of 8% per year. Bond B pays interest of 10% per year. You are to invest a total of $100,000 and earn exactly $9,500 interest per year. How much should you invest in Bond A and in Bond B? (round to the nearest cent)

c. At a certain college, all courses are either 3-credit courses or 4-credit courses. Suppose a student has taken 16 course and has 53 credits. How many 3-credit courses and how many 4-credit courses has the student taken?

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