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1) Three factors control the rate of evaporation of a liquid: surface area, temperature, and strengths of intermolecular forces. More than one of the statements given described a correct effect. The statements are (1) the larger the surface area, the faster the rate of evaporation of the liquid, (2) the higher the temperature, the faster the rate of evaporation of the liquid, and (3) the stronger the intermolecular attractive forces, the faster the rate of evaporation of the liquid. Which choices are correct?

a) choices 1 and 2
b) choices 1 and 3
c) choices 2 and 3
d) all three choices are valid and describe a correct effect.
e) none of the three choices describe a correct effect.

I think that only statements 2 and 3 are correct. The statement about the surface area is not correct because the higher the density the slower a liquid will evaporate.

Is this correct?

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    3 is incorrect. The higher the IM forces the more the molecules are attracted to each other; therefore, the slower the evaporation. Remember the earlier question about the effect of H bonding on vapor pressure.

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    Is number 1 correct because I thought that was the one that was incorrect?

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