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1. Which one of the following drugs would you instruct a patient to take during a fasting period?
A. Buspirone; B. Probucol; C. Lisinopril; D. Oxcarbazepine
I think B.

2. You're training a new employee. He wants to know how to determine which needle to use with a medication. What should you tell him?
A. Look on the medication label for the suggested needle size.
B. Use the needle size prescribed by the physician for that type of medication. depends on the site of injection, rout of injection and viscosity of the medication
D. The size of the needle doesn't matter as long as you use the correct syringe
I think C

3. Which one of the following is an example of an OSHA medication standard?
A. Medication should be taken orally.
B. Do not take
C.needles should not be recapped
D. Use an insulin needle for aqueous solution only.

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    Number 3 I think is C.

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