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English- Infinitive phrases

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For this question, the directions say to name the TWO infinitive phrases in this sentence...

His wish to succeed as an architect made him work hard.

I know that "to succeed as an architect" would be one infinitive phrase, but there isn't another "to" ? So how would I figure out what the other infinitive is?

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  • English- Infinitive phrases - ,

    That website is very helpful! Thank you :)
    So, because there is no "to" would the infinitive phrase include the verb too? : "made him work hard"

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    You're right about the first infinitive phrase.

    The main verb of the sentence is "made."

    The second infinitive phrase can be written like this: (to) work hard.

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    EARLY Bostonians staged the Boston Tea party to protest taxation without representation
    What's infinitive phrase? To protesttaxation without representation. Adv

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