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what is 4x-15/2=1/2

  • algebra -

    4x= 16
    x= 16/4
    x= 4

  • algebra -

    4x - 15/2 = 1/2
    first we transpose all terms with no variable x to the right side of equation. that is, we transpose - 15/2 to the right. note that when we transpose, we change the sign to its opposite. thus is becomes positive:
    4x = 1/2 + 15/2
    when adding fractions, we first check if their denominators are the same. if they are the same, we can readily add the numerators. thus,
    4x = 16/2
    4x = 8
    to get x alone, we divide both sides by the numerical coefficient or the number before the variable x (which is 4). thus,
    x = 8/4
    x = 2

    hope this helps~ :)

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