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Chemistry(Please check)

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1) For a series of small molecules of comparable molecular mass, which of the following choices lists the intermolecular forces in the correct increasing order?

a) dipole-dipole forces < London forces < hydrogen bonds
b) hydrogen bonds < dipole-dipole forces < London forces
c) dipole-dipole forces < hydrogen bonds < London forces
d) London forces < dipole-dipole forces < hydrogen bonds
e) hydrogen bonds < London forces < dipole-dipole forces

I chose answer A because dipole-dipole forces are weaker than london forces and london forces are weaker than hydrogen bonds.

Is this correct?

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    No, London forces are the weakest. Weaker than hydrogen bonds and weaker than dipole-dipole.

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    O ok so it is london forces,dipole,then hydrogen?

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    That's what I would choose. Here is a good site that compares strengths. Scroll down to that part.

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    ok thank you

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