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Two Career Families versus One Career Families
Back in the early days the traditional working family was a one career family. The roles of husband and wife were defined and everyone did as they were expected. The husband in the family was usually the financial support bringing in all the money for the family and the wife was the family’s emotional support taking care of the children and the household. One career families started to slowly disappear when women started attending college and entering the workforce. One career and two career families are slightly different and both are great; however there are advantages and disadvantages to both.
The major difference between a one career and a two career family is the amount of financial support the families have. A two career family usually earns more income than a family with one career. A two career family also tends to pay less in utilities and food because the house is empty more than the house of a one career family during the day . Daycare is usually an expense that a two career family have that a one career family don’t, however it does not have a huge affect on the family’s financial support because of the two incomes. The financial support of a two career usually allows them to travel and entertain better than a one career family. A two career family usually has the opportunities to take longer more expensive vacations and trips than a one career family.
Another difference between a one career family and a two career family is the amount of quality time and parental support they are able to provide. A one career family is able to spend more time with their children, spouse, and family members than a family with two careers. The working adults in a two career family usually gets off work and has to try to catch up on cooking cleaning and preparing for the next day limiting the amount of time they have to spend with the children and each other. The amount of parental support in a one career family is more compared to the amount of support in a two career family. The spouse in a one career family that stays at home usually has no problem with finding time to volunteer and attend school functions or to do special things with the children during the week. In one career families if special things come up or there is an emergency they usually have no problem being able to attend or to be available. In a two career family if one of the children get sick or has a doctor appointment one of the parents has to get off work or find an alternative to getting the children taken care of. One career families don’t usually have these problems.
There are many advantages and disadvantages to one career families and two career families. The greatest difference between the two is the financial support. How great a one career family or two career families is depends on the individuals involved. Both types of families have rewarding and challenging factors that will affect everyone involved.

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