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A child tosses a baseball to his siter, who is hanging out the window of an apartment building. The ball's initial velocity is 18 m/s upward. (Ignore any horizontal motion)
1. How long will it take for the ball to reach its maximum height?
2. The sister catches the ball 3.0 seconds after it leaves her brother's hand. How high is the window?

  • Physics -

    1. (18 m/s)/g = 1.84 seconds
    2. After 3.0 s, the ball will have fallen from its maximum height for 1.16 s.

    The maximum height is H = Vo^2/(2g) = 16.53 s

    After another 1.16s, is will fall 6.59 m from the maximum value.

    16.53 - 6.59 = _____ m

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