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Posted by Henry2 on Friday, January 27, 2012 at 7:38pm.

Writeacher, this is my last doubt!
As I couldn't find anything on the objectives of a project on the biodiversity of water in English I'll have to refer to these objectives which refer to soil.
Do you think you can help me?
The topic must be water (rivers, ocean etc) not soil.

1) Characterisation of the biodiversity of European soils and the normal operating range (NOR) according to soil types, threats, climatic zones and land uses.
2) Determination of relationships between soil biodiversity, functioning and ecosystem services.
3) Quantification of the economic values of soil ecosystem services.
4) Evaluation of the impacts of human activities on soil biodiversity, functioning and services.
5) Design of policy-relevant and cost-effective indicators for monitoring soil biodiversity, functioning and ecosystem services.

Scientific objectives
Describe the diversity of soil organisms (microorganisms and fauna).
Decipher their interactions through trophic nets (subsequently called food webs).
Determine the role played by soil organisms in soil functioning and the delivery of major ecosystem services: nutrient cycling, carbon storage, water retention, soil structure regulation, resistance to pests and diseases, and regulation of above-ground diversity.
Assess the stability and resilience of ecosystem biodiversity against threats: soil erosion and physical degradation, decline in organic content, and soil contamination.

Technological objectives
Develop and standardise tools and procedures to measure microbial and faunal diversity.
Establish high-throughput molecular assays for assessing microbial and faunal diversity.
Customise functional tools and methods to determine the functional diversity of fauna.
Design, develop and establish a database aimed at mapping the ......soil biodiversity and threats.

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