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Please help me with the following problem, I have submitted the answer: 88.2 and was told that it was incorrect. The word problem reads:

If you do not consider air resistance, gravity causes a falling object to descend a distance of (9.8)t2 where t is the time in seconds. If a 16 pound bowling ball is dropped from the tallest building in the world, how many meters does it fall during the 4th and 5th seconds combined
Thank you

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    Your equation is wrong

    d = (1/2) 9.8 t^2 you forgot the 1/2

    d = 4.9 t^2

    after three seconds it has fallen
    4.9 (9) = 44.1 m

    after five seconds it has fallen
    4.9 (25) = 122.5

    122.5 - 44.1 = 78.4 meters

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