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A crate of mass 20kg is pulled by a force of 100N at an angle 30 above the horizon an friction force of 20N develops between the crate and surface draw a force diagram and free body diagram

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    We can't make drawings for you here.

    Draw a rectangular block on a hozontal line (the level surface).
    The forces acting on it, which should be shown as arrows, are:
    Weight 20g = 198 N down
    Friction force 20 N backwards
    Ground force 198 - 100 sin30 N up
    Pulling force 100 N at 30 deg above horizontal

    The vertical component of the pulling forces helops to reduce the ground force.

    Since there is a net forward force,
    100 cos30 - 20 = 66.6 N,
    the block will accelerate

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