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I have to create a teaching aid for physics based on the principles i have learnt like gravitation , mechanical properties and many more. I am not able to find the right experiment to demonstrate infront of my teacher.Please help me deal with this by providing information about the related matter

If anyone has any topic or knows any website link for creating the teaching aid please post it here

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    Rearrange the equation ao that A appears on the left hand side of the equation on its own. B=3A+2C+8

    I am really confused, i understand that we you do to one side of the equation you do to the other. But how do you know what to add or subtract, is it the 8 or the 2C or...

    thanks in advance

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    You should have posted your question separately, not as an answer to someone else. Use the command
    "Post a new Question" at the top of a Jiskha page.

    First switch sides (since they want A on the left), and then subtract 2C + 8 from both sides.

    3A = B - 2C -8

    Next, divide both sides by 3.

    A = B/3 -2C/3 - 8/3

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