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A man of mass 75 kg and a women of mass 55 kg stand facing each other on an ice rink , both wearing ice skates . The women pushes the man with a horizontal force of 85 N in the positive x direction . a) What is the man s acceleration? b) What is the reaction force acting on the women? c) Calculate the women s acceleration.

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    Third law, action is equal and opposite to reaction, same |F| of 85 Newtons on both, positive on man, negative on woman.

    F = m a

    a of man = 85/75
    a of woman = -85/55

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    a car mass 100kg is moving up on incline of 15 degrees with horizontal.the enginr of the car applies a force of 5000n the confficient of kinetic friction between the surface of th tyic and road is 0,2.draw a free body diagram showing all the forces actin on the car

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    Post you questions separately,. not as a reposnse to someone else's question. We cannot provide diagrams for you in any case.

    Finally, the coefficient of kinetic friction does not apply to a object (like a car tire) that is rolling without slipping. Perhaps the instructor is not aware of that.

    The "applied force", plus the weight, is the force exerted by the road on the tires.

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