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Posted by David on Monday, January 23, 2012 at 11:40pm.

How many grams of butane must be burned to provide the heat needed to melt a 85.0-g piece of ice (at its melting point) and bring the resulting water to a boil (with no vapourization)? Assume a constant pressure of 1 bar and use the following data:

Hfo(H2O(g))=-241.83 kJ/mol, Hfo(O2(g))=0 kJ/mol, Hfo(CO2(g))=-393.5 kJ/mol, Hfo(C4H10(g))=-124.7 kJ/mol
Tfus(H2O)=0 oC, Tvap(H2O)=100 oC

Hfus(H2O)=6.01 kJ/mol, Cp(H2O(l))=75.291 J/mol/oC

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