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A golfer, putting on a green requires three strokes to “hole the ball.” During the first putt, the ball roles 5.0m due east. For the second putt, the ball travels 2.1m at an angle of 20 degrees north of east. The third putt is 0.50m due north. What displacement (magnitude and direction relative to due east) would have been needed to “hole the ball” on the very first putt? Use components to solve this problem.

Identify the three vectors?
Sketch the vectors and show the vector sum?
Identify the components of the three vectors?
Ax= Ay=
Bx= By=
Cx= Cy=
Determine the components of the resultant vector
Sx= Sy=
Convert this into the magnitude and direction of the resultant vector
IsI =
Angle =

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    On a safari, a team of naturalists sets out toward a research station located 7.0 km away in a direction 42° north of east. After traveling in a straight line for 3.1 km, they stop and discover that they have been traveling 20° north of east, because their guide misread his compass. What is direction (relative to due east) of the displacement vector now required to bring the team to the research station?

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