February 25, 2017

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Posted by S on Monday, January 23, 2012 at 8:20pm.

A student mixed 15.0 mL of a solution of 0.0200 M ferric chloride FeCl3, with 25.0 mL of water.

Calculate the moles of iron ion, Fe +3 in the resulting solution.

(I think this is a Dilution problem, but I wasn't really sure how to start it out. Any help would be greatly appreciated.)

Here is what I started off with, but then I got confused:

M= moles solute/ 1 L solution

Moles of solute = (M)(1 L solution)
Moles Fe +3 = (0.0200M)(0.015L)
= 0.0003

Can I receive some clarification please? :) Thank you.

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