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I tried this and needed to graph. But, I want to find out what I did incorrect.

Suppose that a car rental agency gave you the following choices.
Option A: $30 per day plus 40 cents per mile.
Option B: flat $50 per day

(a) Write equations for cost per day c for options A and B. (Use m for distance in miles)

(b) Graph the equations for options A and B

c= $30.00 plus 40 cents = 30. + .04= 34.00 (option A)

c= $50.00 (option B)

(c) Estimate the mileage for which both rates are the same. m = 20 miles?

Would this be graphed as: 34 and 50?

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    You want 30+.4m=50
    .4m = 20
    m = 50

    SO, if you drive 50 miles, A and B cost the same.

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