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6th grade math

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Find the value fir each expression. Show your work.

(13.28 - 7.8) divided by 4.

I have the answer in the back of my book and when I try to work the problem out I keep getting the wrong answer. The answer is supposed to be 1.345 I can get the 1.34 but I get a remainder if 2. Can you please help and show work?

  • 6th grade math -

    Did I firget to mention... I REALLY NEED HELP?????????

  • 6th grade math -

    Both your and their answer is wrong

    (13.28 - 7.8) /4
    = 5.48/4
    = 1.37

  • 6th grade math -

    Round 7 to the nea
    rest tenth

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