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2. the conflict that was fought between supporters of the King and supporters of Parliament was called the
a. Thirty Years' War
b. War of the Roses
c. Parliamentary Revolution
d. English Civil War

6. One of the ways the Manchus tried to distinguish themselves from the Chinese people was by forcing
a. Chinese men to wear their hair in a queue.
b. Chinese girls to have their feet bound
c. all Chinese people have to accept Confucianism
d. all Chinese people to wear ceremonial dress.

9. The Ottoman Empire declined after the reign of Suleyman because
a. the empire was too large
b. people lost faith in Islam
c. population decreased
d. trade decreased

10. The Humanists emphasized
a. the need to retain Roman law
b. a renewed interest in classical learning
c. the need for individual decision-making
d. the need for a unified church

13. The Napoleonic Code was
a. an oath of loyalty sworn by followers of Napoleon
b. an embargo set up by Napoleon to prevent trade with Britain
c. a set of military rules followed by soldiers in the French army
d. a system of French laws formulated by Napoleon that became the foundation of many European legal systems.

16. One of the most significant outcomes of the Scientific Revolution of the 1500s and 1600s was that people began to
a. question traditional opinion and think and experiment for themselves
b. rely more heavily on astrology and witchcraft
c. question the power of the church
d. take a greater interest in the arts

19. highly moral people, who became increasingly unhappy over the practices of the Anglican church and the quality of the clergy, were called
a. Whigs
b. Tories
c. Puritans
d. Presbyterians
I just can't figure this one out


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