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Posted by Lena on Monday, January 23, 2012 at 3:29pm.

Which of the following is a way to improve the efficiency of a heat engine?
increase Qh
reduce Qh
reduce Wnet
increase Qc

What are the energies associated with atomic motion called?
kinetic energy
potential energy
bond energy
internal energy

A 0.10 kg piece of copper at an initial temperature of 95C is dropped into 0.20 kg of water contained in a 0.28 kg aluminum calorimeter. The water and calorimeter are initially at 15C. What is the final temperature of the system when it reaches equilibrium?
mw = 0.20kg
cp,w = 4186J/kgC
mAl = 0.28kg
cp,Al = 899J/kgC
Tw = TAl = 15C
mCu = 0.10kg
cp,Cu = 387J/kgC
TCu = 95C


Thank you!

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