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electric force/field

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Three point charges, A = 2.2 µC, B = 7.5 µC, and C = -3.9 µC, are located at the corners of an equilateral triangle . Find the magnitude and direction of the electric field at the position of the 2.2 µC charge.
magnitude = .
direction =

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    You need to specify the length of the sides of the triangle, R.

    Then compute the two vector forces acting on the 2.2 uC charge. The 7.5 uC charge contributes a repulsive force

    F1 = k*2.2*7.5*10^-12/R^2 Newtons

    where k is the Coulomb constant and R is the side length in meters.

    The other charge (-3.9 uC) will contribute an attractive force, given by the same formula,
    F2 = k*3.9*2.2*10^-12/R^2 Newtons,
    directed at 120 degrees to F1. Add them as vectors.

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