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A thermometer of mass 0.0550 kg and of specific heat 0.837 kJ/kg•K reads 15.0°C. It is then completely immersed in 0.300 kg of water, and it comes to the same final temperature as the water. If the thermometer reads 44.0 °C, what was the temperature of the water before the insertion of the thermometer?

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    The temperature of the water will drop as heat is added to the thermometer as it reaches an equilibrium temperature.

    The specific heat of the water is 4.18 kJ/Kg*K

    heat gained by thermometer
    = heat lost by water

    0.055*(0.837)(44 - 15) = 0.300*(4.18)(T - 44)

    1.335 = 1.254 (T-44)
    T - 44 = 1.08
    T = 45.08 C is the initial water temperature

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