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Posted by Alexandra on Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 11:02pm.

Xe(g) + F2(g) ----uv light---> Xe F2(s)

XeF2(g) + 2F2(g) ---catalyst---> XeF6(s)

XeF6(s) + H2O(l) ------> Xe O3(s) + 6HF(g)

Looking at these three reactions respond the following:

a) For each 0.0250 grams of xenon hexaflouride that reacts, what mass of water is requiered?

b)If the three reactions occur in sequence, for each 0.250 grams of xenon that reacts, what is the theoretical yield of hydrogen flouride in grams?

c)If 0.123 moles of xenon flouride reacts with 0.333moles of water, what mass of hydrogen flouride forms?

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