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Posted by Henry2 on Sunday, January 22, 2012 at 1:12pm.

Thank you writeacher. I hope that one of your science experts on Jiskha can help me with finding the vocabulary.
Here are some sentences on Chapter I of Orwell's 1984 I need you to check.

1 )The telescreen is described as an oval metal object fully integrated into the right wall and spouting propaganda.
2) Every sound as well as every movement, except in darkness, Winston makes within the field of vision of the telescreen is checked. Through the telescreen the Thougt Police can plug in a person’s wire (synonym?) whenever tthey want to.
3) Winston keeps his back to the screen. He describes London as the chief city of Airstrip one, itself the most popolous of the provinces of Oceania.
4) In particular, he tries in vane to remember (squeeze out some childhood memory) whether London has always been like that (this).
5) He wonders whether there have always been rows of dilapidated, patched-up nineteenth-century houses reinforced by the baulks of timber, whose crazy garden walls are leaning in all directions.
6) Then he refers to the bombed places, where now weeds grow up over the heaps of rubble. In other places, where the bombs have cleared a larger patch, colonies of wooden houses have sprung up like chicken-houses.

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