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The total sales of a company in 2008 were $45,000. In 2011, it grew to $84,000. Use
 as the number of years since 2000 and  as the total sales, and answer the
a. What is the rate of change (slope) in the total sales?
b. Write an equation in both point-slope form and slope-intercept form modeling
the company’s sales.
c. What are the projected sales for the year 2016? (16 years after 2000.)

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    There are two points:
    (8,45000) and (11,84000)

    a, the rate of change is (84000-45000)/(11-8) = 28000/3

    b, use the slope 28000/3 and a point, you can plug into the formulas

    c, once you have the equation, plug in 16 then you will get the answer

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    The above answer is wrong. (84000-45000) is not 28000, it is 39,000. Therefore 39000/3 is 13000. M =13000.

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