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1) Consider the formation of sulfur trioxide according to the reaction:

2 SO2(g) + O2(g) -> 2 SO3(g) delta H = -198

How much heat is evolved in the formation of 750 grams of SO3?

So I did 193 X (750/2*80.0642) = 904.

The answer choices given are 10.6, 928, 1.86 X 10^3, 7.43 X 10^4, 3.71 X 10^3

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    Did I do this correctly?

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    You have a typo. The 193 is 198 in the problem so that makes the answer you should get 928 instead of 904 and 938 is one of the answers.
    Technically, there is no right answer for a number of reasons. First, the -198 in the problem has no units. Is that J or kJ.? Probably kJ. Next, the answers don't have units either. I assume those are kJ also.

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    Yes all the units are kJ.

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