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Physics Problem; CONVERSIONS

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InMay 1998, forest fires in southernMexico
and Guatemala spread smoke all the way to
Austin. Those fires consumed forest land at a
rate of 26900 acres/week.
On the average, how many square meters
of forest are burned down every minute? An
acre is an area equivalent to that of a rectangle
60.5 yd wide and 80 yd long, there are 36
inches in one yard, and there are 2.54 cm in
one inch.
Answer in units of m2/min

  • Physics Problem; CONVERSIONS -

    26900 ac/wk * wk/7day * day/1440min gives ac/min

    ac/min * 48560ft^2 * (12in/ft)^2 * (2.54cm/in)^2 * (1m/100cm)^2 gives m^2/min

    Just carry the units along. Remember that multiplying by 1 does not change anything. Use the units you want to get or cancel.

  • Physics Problem; CONVERSIONS - PS -

    Oops -- an acre is 43560 ft^2

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