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8.Which point in the Virginia Plan was objected to by supporters of the New Jersey Plan?
A. Larger states should have more representatvies in Congress
B. Congress requires greater power
C. The government needs an executive branch
D. The government needs a legislative branch

9.Which of the following does NOT describe the Great Compromise?
A. equal representation in the Senate
B. representation based on population in the House of Representatives
C. a Congress made up of two houses
D. enslaved people counted in state populations

10. What was the outcome of the Constitutional Convention?
A. Compromises were proposed.
B. The Constitution replaced the Articles of Confederation
C. The Articles of Confederation were amended.
D. Trade with Europe was established.

11. Which of the following goals is stated in the Preamble to the Constitution?
A. to protect the people's liberty
B. to provide equality for all
C. to protect the people's health
D. to provide an education for all

12. Which of the following is NOT a major goal of the Constitution?
A. to defend the nation
B. to control all laws in the states
C. to ensure peace
D. to establish justice

13. Which of the following BEST describes the Bill Of Rights?
A. list of men who signed the Constitution
B. list of rights and wrongs as spelled out in the Constitution
C. ten Constitutional amendments specifying freedoms
D. list of laws governed by each state

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