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4.What caused Shay's Rebellion?

A. Massachusetts had the power to tax its citizens
B. Massachusetts needed to pay its debts
C. Daniel Shays was an angry farmer
D. Massachusetts property taxes were hard on farmers

5. Which of the following was ordered by the Northwest Oridance of 1787?

A. divide the territoy into smaller territories
B. make the territory into four states
C. make the territory into one state
D. make the entire territory equal to the other states

6. Which of the following did NOT apply to the Northwest Oridance of 1787?

A. The Northwest Territory had to be divided into smaller territories
B. The Northwest Territory would automatically become a state
C. A governor and judges were named to govern the territory
D. Slavery was prohibited in the Northwest Territory

7. What was the original purpose of the Constitutional Convention?

A. make laws to stop dissenters
B. make a trade plan with Europe
C. revise the Articles of Confederation
D. elect a leader of the Confederation


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