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A car of mass 1200kg accelerates from rest to a speed of 8.0ms in a time of 2.0s.

a)calc the forward driving force acting on the car while it is accelerating.
b)At high speeds the resistive frictional force F produced by the air on a body moving with velocity V is given by the equation F=bv^2 where b is a constant.

i)Derive the base units of force in the SI system.

ii)Determine the base units of b in the SI system.

iii)The car continues with the same forward driving force and accelerates until it reaches a top speed of 50ms.At the speed the resistive force is given by the equation F=bv^2.Determine the value of b for the car.

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    a) First calculate the acceleration a=(8-0)/2,0=4ms^-2
    therefore force (F)=m*a=1200*4

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