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To Jiskha Teachers ~

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Please reply my science post I really want to know if Im correct because I just post and you ignore it. PLEASE check it.

Thank You! :)

  • To Jiskha Teachers ~ - ,

    This is really important to me. I have a quarterly exam this friday that the questions I asked you I needed help (to be honest I was confused and i need help) and in other questions I NEED to know if I'm correct this isn't a joke right now. I don't want to fail science!

  • To Jiskha Teachers ~ - ,

    i reply to your post below when u ask me for help and i not so good at science so i not be able to help. i suggest you wait for science teachers to come online. sometimes they busy. u be able to get help soon so don't worries.

  • To Jiskha Teachers ~ - ,

    Mohammad told me that the science teachers are not online yet so for now im going to bed because i need some sleep and tomrrow since my science may go over it in class I asked her instead.

    Sorry about this I didn' t know much about this site.

  • To Jiskha Teachers ~ - ,

    I know thanks

    but i need some sleep so i'll ask my science teacher tommorrow

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