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Posted by Jake on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 8:40pm.

1. The height of a bumble bee above the ground is modelled by h(t) = 0.5cos(2π t) + 2, where h is in metres and t
is in seconds. At what time is the bee’s instantaneous rate of change of height with respect to time greatest?
a.) 1 s
b.) 1.25s
c.) 1.5s
d.) 2s

Why is the answer b?
2. What value for the function y=3cos(t-pi) + 2 gives an instantaneous rate of change of 0?

a) 0
b) pi/2
c) pi/3
d) pi/4

I tried to plug in the options above, but it gave me 4.99999. How do I do this question?
3. The height of a ball is modelled by the equation h(t)= 4sin(8πt) + 6.5 where h(t) is in metres and t is in seconds. What are the highest and lowest points the ball reaches?

a) 10.5 m and 6.5m
b) 10.5 and 2.5m
c) 6.5m and 2.5m
d) 14.5 and 6.5m

I know that answer won't be B because it has to start at 6.5m

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