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A line in space has the vector equation shown here. Fill in the blanks to find the position vector to the fixed point on the line that appears in the equation:
vector r=(5+(6/11)d)vector i + (3+(9/11)d)vector j + (7+(2/11)d)vector k

vector v= _____ vector i + _____ vector j + ____ vector k

Write the coordinates of the point on the line that is 11 units in the positive d-direction away from the fixed point in this problem.

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    What is the "positive d-direction"? d is not a direction, it is a parameter for r(d).

    If d is a parameter, any point involving d is not fixed.

    Is the fixed point 5i + 3j + 7k and you want r(11)?

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    Yeah, sorry about that. There's a diagram to it and I wasn't sure how else to explain it.

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    Is it just ((6/11), (9/11), (2/11)) ?

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