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Homework Help: English 7 - Perserverance Poster Project

Posted by Laruen on Wednesday, January 18, 2012 at 5:30pm.

I have this project that my english teacher assign the class to do. Since we are on our perserverance unit this have something to do with perserverance.
She gave the class guildelines sheet for the poster. Also we have to work in a group of three so me and 2 others boys (friends) are working together.

Guildelines For Poster
Directions: Read and complete the check list below.

____ Decide who will be featured on your poster
(Choose an individual who was disscussed in class, and demonstrated perserverance)

We decided to do it on Bethany Hamilton since she showed perserverance and we had discussed it in class and watch the the movie in class "Soul Surfer".

____ The individual's name should be centered and written in bold at the top of the poster

_____ Included a motto that reflects perserverance

We are writing down some ideas we should write and all we got is "Don't Let Your Dream Wash Away". Any more mottos we should add????

_____ Write two actions the individual demonstrated perserverance

We read an article in class about her and what happen and as we was reading the article we highlight the actions.

____ Inculde a quote, thought, or feeling from the individual that reflects perserverance

We read an article in class about her and what happen and as we was reading the article we highlight the quote, thought, or feeling.

_____ A computer image or drawing of the individual.

____ Includes ALL group memembers names

She is grading on this and this project is due this friday.

Please answer questions I asked above and read the entire thing!

Thank You! :)


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