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Chem II

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Sulfur dioxide is produce din enormous amounts for sulfuric acid production. It melts at -73 degrees C and boils at -10 degrees C. Its heat of fusion is 8.619 kJ/mol and its heat of vaporation is 25.73 kJ/mol. The specific heat capacities of the liquid and gas are .995 j/g*K and .622 j/g*K, respectively. How much heaat is required o conver 2.500 kg of solid SO2 at the melting point to a gas at 60 degrees C.

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    Here is how you do this. I suggest you make a table showing T in one column and the transition in the other; i.e. solid to liquid, melting point, liquid to gas, boiling point, etc.
    Then as long as you are in one phase, th3 formula is
    q = mass x specific heat x (Tfinal-Tinitial).

    At the phase transitions the formula is
    q = mass x heat fusion at the melting point.
    q = mass x heat vaporization at the boiling point.
    Then add all of the q amounts together to arrive at the total q.

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