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Posted by Mamaw on Tuesday, January 17, 2012 at 5:20pm.

Can someone please me with this. Improving Your Writing.
Section 1
Facts and Figures that define the problem (the cause)
Details that show the impact of the problem (effects) on Jack, Ruth, and the company.

Section 2
The steps needed to change the situation
Reason to implement each step, including the benefits to your employees, your supervisor, and the company
Information about your role in the change

For the last 3 months there has been some work-related problems ocurred, causing problems between co-workers. There were some ongoing problems requiring some attention that we should try and better assist to our daily clients. And in the office situation had came around a month ago after Jessica Hilo took a medical leave. So during this time Frank and Ralph was temporarily assigned her task. It resulting in an unqually work load for Frank and Ralph. So Frank has complained about Ruth's poor performance in her quality. So I have also noticed that Ruth is working overtime for at least twice a month costing the company money. And on the other hand, Jack has very little work to do. Then Jack has also been coming in late a couple time a week. His work is so professionally completed but the tardiness reflects badly on his work profile.

So to be a successful to the company needs a good team. And I don't feel that the team is performing their daily office task as well as they can. They co-workers would like to offer some suggestion. First, I feel that we should equally the work load out to each qualify employee to balance out the work load. Instead of assigning Jessica's work to Ralph and Frank, let Jack assist in picking up the slack. When it is determined that Jessica isn't coming back to work let Jack take over her daily task as well as his. This will give Jack enough work to last through the day and he will no longer not have enough work to do, and he will start arriving to work on time. This will also save the company money instead of hiring a new co-worker that will take time to train. This also will releive the stress from Ruth's daily stress and her productivity and quality will improve.

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