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10th Grade Chem

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How do you determine if an element or compound is Aqueous, Solid, Liquid, or Gas just looking at a periodic table. Also, how do you determine if a compound or element is insoluble or soluble by looking at just the periodic table.

What's the net ionic equation for NH4Cl reacting with; Na2CO3, K2CO3,K3PO4, and NaOH

Thanks so much I love you all!

  • 10th Grade Chem -

    See if you can find one of the periodic table on the internet that shows pictures of the elements. If you do you will see that the vast majority of the elements are shiny metal solids. Those that are not shiny metal solids are the exceptions.

    There are only two elements (mercury and bromine) that are liquids at 25C.

    There are a small number of elements that are gases at room temperature whcih includes hydrogen. They also include all the inert or noble gases, which are those elements in Group 18: helium, neon, argon, krypton, xenon and radon.

    We also know that the halogens fluorine and chlorine are gases at room temperature (25C). That leaves nitrogen and oxygen as the last of the elements that are gases at room temperature. All of these elements are nonmetals or halogens or inert gases, and apart from the inert gases are towards the top of the periodic table.

  • 10th Grade Chem -

    How many grams of zinc metal will react completely with 8.2 liters of 3.5 M HCl

  • 10th Grade Chem -

    Determine the specific heat of iron if 6.1 J of
    energy are needed to warm 1.50 g of iron from

    C to 29.0


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