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Statistics-Confidence Interval

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Can someone please help me on how to work this out?? I'm so super confused. Thanks!

A professor at Kaplan University claims that the average age of all Kaplan students is 36 years old. Use a 95% confidence interval to test the professor's claim. Is the professor's claim reasonable or not? Explain

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    First find the total age of all students from MM207(9062). Divide 9062 by the total students 244. The answer is 37.139 or 37. 95% confidence interval is 1.96. 37 + or - 1.96 =39 or 35. The professor's claim is quite reasonable.

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    Apparently Sharon has more data than is indicated on your post. Also I don't know how she found the SD.

    95% = mean ± 1.96 SD

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