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English 2

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At the opening of A Separate Peace, the narrator returns to the Devon School
two years after graduation.
to become a teacher at the school.
fifteen years after graduation.
to attend his sons graduation.

Unlike Finny, Gene tends to be

For Gene, jumping from the tree seems to be a way to
reject his past life of conformity.
gain new respect from his classmates.
prepare for military service.
give continuity to his life.

The game of blitzball symbolizes
Finny's basic brutality.
Finny's acceptance of authority.
Finny's love of physical challenge.
Finny's disgust with his classmates.

The main conflict in Chapters 1-4 results from
Finny's disregard for school rules.
Gene's mixed feelings for Finny.
the fear and dislocation caused by World War II.
Gene's desire for academic success.

As a result of his fall from the tree, Finny
cannot graduate from Devon.
cannot see out of his right eye.
cannot take part in sports.
cannot carry his own books to class.

When Gene visits Finny at his home near Boston,
Finny accuses Gene of causing the accident.
Gene denies causing the accident.
Finny refuses to believe that Gene caused the accident.
Finny forgives Gene for causing the accident.

Finny claims that he believes only
the teachers at Devon.
the writings of historical figures.
his friend Gene.
his classmate Leper.

Finny's behavior in the snowball fights suggests that his life is
one long struggle.
based on disorder and unpredictability.
governed by strong loyalties.
marked by a basic dishonesty.

Finny is able to get away with misdeeds and rule-breaking because he
is a top student in the school.
is quite devious.
is charming in unexpected ways.
his parents contribute generously to Devon.

Unlike Finny, Gene Forrester is
a good athlete.
a good student.
a good athlete but a poor student.
a good student but a poor athlete.

Gene gets into a fight with Cliff Quackenbush when Quackenbush says
Gene pushed Finny out of the tree.
Gene is maimed.
Gene cannot be a member of the crew.
Finny will not be coming back to Devon.

Gene's fight with Quackenbush symbolizes
Finny's innocence.
Gene's inner turmoil.
the oncoming war.
the change from adolescence to manhood.

Gene doesn't cry at Finny's funeral because
Finny would not have wanted him to.
he doesn't feel sad.
it feels like his own funeral.
he doesn't want his classmates to know how he feels about Finny.

At the end, Gene's experience with Finny leads him to
become bitter and cynical.
acquire greater self-knowledge.
lose all interest in the outside world.
become more traditional.

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